Monoflo first began manufacturing progressing cavity pumps in 1935 and their heritage is built on this world-renowned design.  rotorThey have continued to engineer industry-leading pump ranges for over 70 years, together with their other recognized brands for grinders, screens and packaged pumping systems.

We carry the following from Monoflo:

ML Circle image

ML Series

The Monoflo ML Pump is designed to be directly interchangeable with traditional pin joint style pumps.

m³/h 57 bar 18 °C -10 up to 110
gpm 252 psi 270 °F 14 up to 230



Pumps equipped with NOV Monoflo’s EZstrip offer the same design and performance of a traditional PC pump with the added benefit of maintain-in-place capability.  A premium feature offered at a competitive price, EZstrip can be installed on new pumps or retrofitted into existing select Compact C and B-Range installations.

m³/h 165 bar 12 °C -10 Up to 100
gpm 727 psi 174 °F 14 Up to 212


Compact C Circle Image2

Compact C

The Compact C Pump delivers reliable performance to the maximum duty requirements of your application in a compact package.  Features include good suction lift capability up to 28 feet, positive displacement for process control, and variable speed for accurate dosing.

m³/h Up to 440 bar Up to 24 °C -10 up to 100
gpm Up to 1937 psi Up to 350 °F 14 up to 212


XL Circle Image

XL Series

The Monoflo XL Pump is designed to be directly interchangeable with traditional gear joint style pumps.  

m³/h 169 bar 12 °C -10 up to 110
gpm 742 psi 180 °F 14 up to 230


AP Product Image

AP Series

The AP Pump is a simple designed progressing cavity pump suitable for the transfer of a wide range of fluids.

Available as a bareshaft or close-coupled design, the compact and lightweight construction is ideally suited for space-saving installations.

The pump is easy to dismantle, requiring little skill and robust components offer long reliable life.

m³/h 11.87 bar 10 °C 14 up to 212
gpm 52.00 psi 143 °F -10 up to 100


Epsilon Circle Image 0


The Epsilon Pump is part of a range of technically engineered progressing cavity pumps, designed to give least whole life costs and reduced spares requirements. The bloc construction of the Epsilon Pump has reduced overall dimensions and incorporates Monoflo's unique PowerDrive transmission, with a 10 year warranty.

The option of an inspection cover permits removal of rags when this is an issue and the Epsilon Pump has shared componentry with the popular Compact C Pump, helping customers and stockists to reduce the inventory of replacement parts.

m³/h Up to 420 bar Up to 72 °C -10 up to 100
gpm Up to 1,849 psi Up to 1050 °F 14 up to 212

LF Circle Image

LF dosing

Designed for use where accurate, low flow pumps are required for either intermittent or continuous dosing, the compact LF Pumps have high tolerance to aggressive chemicals and a repeatability of +/- 2%.

Ideal for contaminated products and solids in suspension, the LF Pump can be run at low speeds, thereby reducing wear and offering extended service life.  To further minimize maintenance, the LF Pump features the PowerDrive, reducing the number of moving parts in the drive train, eliminating wear and making lubrication unnecessary.

m³/h Up to 0.6 bar Up to 12 °C 0 up to 70
gpm Up to 2.4 psi Up to 175 °F 32 up to 158


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